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California State Loan Repayment Program

Under this program, eligible healthcare professionals may receive loan repayment for qualified, unpaid educational loans from qualifying institutions by committing to an initial two-year full-time or four-year half-time service obligation to provide direct patient care in an outpatient setting in a designated health professional shortage area. To learn more about the California State Loan Repayment Program and find out if you are eligible, please visit: Read more

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development Loan Repayment Programs

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development offers a variety of Loan Repayment Programs designed to assist healthcare professionals with their student loan debt. Loan repayment programs range from providing assistance to physicians, to nurses, to physical therapists, and much more. Most programs require some service in areas where healthcare is under provided in exchange for monetary awards. To view a complete list of programs available to California healthcare specialists, and to learn if you are eligible, please visit: Read more

California Department of Education Loan Cancellation Resources

The California Dept. of Education (CDE) has compiled a number of federal and state resources available to qualified California public educators. These resources range from student loan deferment and forbearance options, to loan forgiveness and cancellation for teachers. A complete guide to programs available to California educators can be found here: Read more

Additionally, non-public school teachers may submit counts of low income students at private, non-profit schools in order to be included in the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program which is available to public school teachers in low income areas. Guidelines for submitting low income student counts for consideration can be found here: Read more

Credit Counseling Resources

The Office of the Attorney General of the state of California offers consumer resources to help protect against fraudulent credit fixing agencies. These resources include, but are not limited to, advice for getting a free credit report, choosing a credit counseling agency, and repairing your credit. Californian’s concerned with their credit can visit the website of the Office of Attorney General to learn more about available resources, and start taking control of their credit today: Read more

California Career Center

The California Career Center is a virtual councilor that provides career resources to California residents. These resources help Californians to identify their own skills, find and apply to jobs, and manage money after finding employment. Additionally, the career center provides resources and guidance to assist with career/training related challenges such as disability, lack of documentation, and legal challenges. Visit the California Career Center to find out if one of these many resources may be helpful to you: Read more

Tools To Prepare You For The Repayment Process:

Has the time come where you are now starting to think about and plan your student loan repayment plan? Here is some helpful information to getting you off on the right path, including a good checklist to go by for managing your student loans. Read more

This chart from the University of California Student Financial Aid (UCSF) office helps walk you through all the different types of repayment options available along with need to know information on each plan. Read more

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