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Pennsylvania Primary Health Care Loan Repayment Program

The PA Department of Health provides a loan repayment program to primary care professionals working in underserved areas of Pennsylvania. Physicians and dentists are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in loan repayment for full-time service, while other certified full-time health care professionals are eligible for up to $60,000 in repayment. For a complete list of eligibility requirements and qualifying Health Professional Shortage Areas please visit the PA Department of Health’s website: Read more

PA IOLTA Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Pennsylvania Bar Foundation offers loan repayment assistance to attorneys employed by Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts funded legal service organizations in the state of PA. Eligible attorneys can receive one year loans with a twelve month employment commitment, and may receive loans up to ten times while remaining eligible. All loans must be used to pay undergraduate or law school education debt. For more information, and to fill out an application, visit the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation: Read more

Loan Repayment Estimator

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency’s “You Can Deal With It” initiative offers resources to help PA residents manage their student debt. By entering your loan information into the repayment estimator, borrowers can find out what repayment plan best fits their unique set of circumstances, and what amount they will be paying monthly and for how long. To get started coming up with your loan repayment plan, and access other helpful loan calculators, visit the You Can Deal With It website: Read more

Pennsylvania JobGateway - Career Resources

The Pennsylvania Job Gateway provides a number of career resources to Pennsylvanians. These resources range from finding jobs and training programs, to accessing data and statistics, to learning about your own transferable job skills. To access these resources, and others, visit the PA JobGateway website: Read more

In addition to these resources, PA CareerLink also offers formal job interview training through “Big Interview.” Register online to improve your interview skills, and start working towards the job you want: Read more

PHEAA Default Frequently Asked Questions

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency and American Education Services provide extensive information to borrowers about defaulting on student loans. This information includes payment options, loan rehabilitation information, and more. For borrowers in, or concerned with the prospect of default, visit the American Education Services page to learn more about defaulting on student loans, and talk to a representative about what course of action best suits your circumstances: Read more

PHEAA Encourages You To Start Planning Now

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency is advising you to consider starting your planning for student loan repayment early rather than later and even as early as during the initial 6-month grace period post-graduation. This article supplies you with good recommendations and best practices on what to consider when developing your loan repayment plan. Read more

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